Career and Industry Videos

Gladeo produces 3 types of videos: Inspirational Career Documentaries, Gladeo in a Flash videos, and Industry Videos.


Inspirational Career Documentaries

3-5 minute personal experience documentaries about inspiring, diverse individuals and their career paths. But instead of focusing on only the job, the skills needed, or even a sneak peak into a 'day in the life of a..." we create shorts films that reveal the personality, talents, struggles and background of the subject, to draw the viewer into the journey that the subject has lived through to get to where they are today. Below is an example: 



Gladeo in a Flash

Quick 90 second, lightning round Q/A style video that gives a brief overview of a career. Below is an example:



Industry Videos (Coming Soon)

A general overview of an industry explaining all the different facets of that industry to help demystify it. For instance, so many students think they cannot work in the tech industry because they are not coders. What they don't know is that there are many different departments in tech that could be a great fit.